I’m a young adult from Jersey who aspires to become a well known author. Growing up on the dangerous streets of Paterson, an inner city where crime seems to prosper I hope to come out from the wreckage as some type of ‘Golden Child’ for my family and friends. Not only for them, but also for the people of this city that I have grown to love so much.

Besides writing I obviously have a love for reading. I remember how I started to imagine stories in my head as a little boy after one of my older cousins read to me a page from a Christian novel my older brother had lying around. After that I imagined many things as a kid, and started writing some fan fiction stories. I was ten years old when I started to write things purely for the fun of it.

What I did write wasn’t really good, in fact, it was dreadful. But at the time that didn’t matter, because I found a new sense of merriment that got me away from the world. Now in my older teen years (sixteen), I’m really trying to expand in my world of writing. This website will help me develop that skill in writing and hopefully help me reach that point.