Prejudice USA

Author’s Note: This was a little sonnet I wrote for my SAT-Prep class. I wrote about the recent controversy and basically how I feel about it. Surely, some people will refuse to agree with my opinion but that’s perfectly fine. I hope you enjoy!

America should represent freedom

A manifestation of righteousness

But that is all a lie to mislead them

Society falling prey to spitefulness

You can’t be black with a bag of skittles

Or a father with a book in his car

Without being shot dead with a pistol

Saying “sorry” only gets you so far

Scary part is it’s not just anyone

The ones supposed to protect and serve

Those are the people who carry the gun

Now we can say they have struck the last nerve

Until our etiquette comes into play

We’ll be known as “Prejudice USA”

John Contin


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