(Author’s Note: I’m going to be writing a sonnet poem for my English II Honors class, and I might as well post it here since I haven’t updated the blog in a while. The sonnet must be a 14 line lyric poem, and this one may not be as dark as the others. )


The world is changing dramatically every day,

Society is reaching an altering point and despite there still being many prejudices; things are beginning to modify

But in order for ideologies to alter generations must have new lessons that they can convey.

With each generation, society carries new inspiration,

Whether it be new technology, philosophies, or a superior set of morals.

At this time and age, we appreciate all of our modern technology, but we must remember that all of this tech started with imagination.

An image to be exact,

The same image we carry, you and I, everyday.

The idea that with our hopes and dreams we will impact the world.

We all have ambitions,

We all want to live in harmony, hopefully not have certain people in society who judges others for the color of their skin because in this world we need variety.

This is the society we need, us as one, our generation must take the next step as a team to accomplish these dreams. The world is changing dramatically everyday, and we’re only getting older.

But there is one question left to ask, how will you leave your mark?






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