Delilah O’Blue

Delilah O’Blue was the prettiest girl in town and I was her adorer

But alas she did not feel the same in fact she abhorred my family’s name!

So after countless pleas and cries I gave up and she considered herself the ‘victor’.

Two months later her birthday came by and all her friends and family were in attendance.

Little did she know not all of them were, for her mom was missing.

She brushed it off, nothing to fear, probably sick or busy at this time of year!

But what surprised her the most was when she found a present on her front porch.

The card read, “To: Delilah O’Blue From: The town over yonder”

And at first glance of this present she would ponder,

“Who sent me this gift I wonder?”

She continued to open the present rather greedily and to her surprise found the head of her mother, rolling inside creepily.

She screamed and wailed at the horrid sight

But if there’s one thing I can assure, it’s that that’ll be the last time Delilah O’Blue makes a fool out of me!


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